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B2B Pricing: Top Strategies to Match Your Marketing Mix

Getting your pricing strategy spot-on is the lifeblood of company profitability. An in-depth understanding of your customer and their reasons for choosing your product will guide your pricing and inform your marketing.

Pricing does not just determine the income from customer spend but also from investors, shareholders, and stakeholders. After all, the key to any viable B2B pricing strategy profiles your ideal customer alongside a detailed justification of their willingness to spend on your product.

In this guide to B2B pricing, we’ll consider some fundamental pricing strategies, look at top pricing models, and provide tips on how to choose the right ones for your business.

Why Is it Important to Get B2B Pricing Right?

There are many kinds of strategy to determine the price of proprietary products or services. The truth is, getting the pricing strategy wrong can set company revenue dangerously off course. Either a business woefully underestimates the value of their wares and misses out on extra income, or sets the stakes too high and loses out to the competition.

An alarmingly high number of businesses actually do not give their pricing strategy the time of day. It can be tempting to focus on ways to increase your process efficiency, customer acquisition and service delivery itself. Pricing can fall by the wayside because the responsibility does not clearly fall to one department or individual. Yet its critical importance to the balance sheet bottom line cannot be overlooked.


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