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How to Create LinkedIn Newsletters for Your Marketing Campaign

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Inbound Marketing | 0 comments

When we think about business connections and professional communication, usually, LinkedIn comes to mind first. It’s the most popular B2B networking tool that connects peers, colleagues, and leaders all around the world.

We know that it works: You can center your social media efforts around it, create posts, or reach out to potential customers. But lately, there’s been another function to explore—LinkedIn newsletters.

A mix of blogging and social media perks that can engage an audience for the benefit of your business does sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

Let’s look at newsletters on LinkedIn, how to use them, and why they can be a refreshing new way to reach your target audience and fulfill your marketing needs.

LinkedIn Newsletters Best Practices

What Are LinkedIn Newsletters? 

A LinkedIn newsletter works as any other email newsletter: You publish content dedicated to a certain topic, and it goes out to your audience with a notification.

One significant difference is that all of this happens on the LinkedIn platform.

A LinkedIn newsletter allows you to build and grow an actively engaged audience, raise your brand awareness, and manifest the value of your knowledge to potential customers.

When you invite all of your connections to subscribe to your LinkedIn newsletter, they will get in-app, push, and email notifications about all of your new content.

Why Are LinkedIn Newsletters Important?

As a marketer, you should never let an opportunity go by to grow your audience, and that’s already reason enough to consider creating a newsletter on LinkedIn. However, there’s more:

1. It works on a “viral” principle.

Due to the social media algorithm, the more people engage with your content, the more often your content will be seen. Do you notice that sometimes you can see one LinkedIn post featured through many of your other connections? That’s because as soon as one person reacts to a post, it gets a whole new audience, and the reach of your content grows.

2. It refines your audience.

Despite having a wider reach and the possibility to become viral, newsletters can also get you a more invested audience. While a regular post can be ignored and forgotten, people who subscribe to your newsletter care about your content. If they care enough to receive notifications, they will take the time to read, engage, and share your content.

3. It can establish your thought leadership. 

Among the key factors in the buying decisions are trust, credibility, and authority of the company. One of the ways to achieve that is through thought leadership. Creating valuable content that constantly gets shared (first point) among your niche (second point), is precisely what you need to establish yourself as a knowledgeable service provider.


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